In 1997 Sprint Car Racing in the South Island was in a perilous state. Just a handful of cars could be depended on to 'hit the track'. A group of enthusiasts headed by Brian Barclay, Alistair Kelso and Allan Batt put their energy into forming a 'mini' series that would run at Ruapuna, Dunedin, Ellesmere and Ashburton. Slowly but surely the numbers and enthusiasm grew and in time Cromwell became a destination as did Nelson, Invercargill, Blenheim and Woodford Glen.

There have been a couple of seasons when the War of the Wings has been sideline, primarily by the cessation of the original South Island Sprint Car Association, and the the 2010-11 events fell victim to the Christchurch earthquakes.

In 2007 the Sprint car Association was re-ignited and plans were put in place to 'grow' the series by putting up an irresistible amount of prize and travel incentives.

In 2016 and again in 2018  the War of the Wings was the winner of the 'Best Speedway Series' category at the New Zealand Speedway Awards. 

Previous Champions

1997-98     Bruce Pluck

1998-99     Steve Duff

1999-00     Daryl Wright

2000-01     Jeremy Harley

2001-02     Nigel Brown

2002-03     Kevin Freeman

2003-04     Kevin Clive

2004-05     Jeremy Harley

2005-06     not held

2006-07     not held

2007-08     Kevin Freeman

2008-09     Danny Mayson

2009-10     Jamie Duff

2010-11     not held- ChCh earthquakes

2011-12     Barry Martinez (USA)

2012-13     Ray Baughan

2013-14     Jason Scott

2014-15     Matt Honeywell

2015-16     Matt Honeywell, Ray Baughan, Allan Woods (equal)

2016-17     Jamie Duff

2017-18     Jamie Duff

2018-19     Jamie Duff

2019-20     Jamie Duff

2020-21     Caleb Baughan

2021-22     Jamie Duff

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