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Hard charging 25 year old Wellington based speedway racer Stephen Taylor put up a scintillating drive to win Saturdays Hydraulink War of the Wings Sprintcar race at Greenstone Park, Cobden.

A large crowd basking in the hot West Coast sun lapped up the racing with sixteen top drivers lapping the track in high speed action, with Christchurch's Jamie Duff claiming the OEM Audio 'Quick Time' bonus after recording a sizzling 13.8226 as he raced to victory in the second heat race.

The Sprintcar action got underway with the Time Trials with Nelson's Connor Rangi stopping the clocks with a lap of 14.0666.

Christchurch's Matthew Leversedge took out the first heat race, heading home Rangi, with Dunedin's Mathew Anderson in third. Jamie Duff looked to have shaken his recent run of bad luck by moving from the back of the grid to finish fifth, and then he backed that up by annihilating the field in the second heat, winning by almost half a lap from Caleb Baughan (Christchurch) and fellow Cantabrian Jayden Dodge.

Young Invercargill racer Jacob McIntyre posted his first War of the Wings heat win after a strong performance in the third heat, where he overtook Cromwells Nigel Colvin in the closing stages of the race while Dodge registered his second consecutive third place.

The 29 lap feature got underway with the sun starting to set, and it was Leversedge who made the most of his front row start to lead the field early, however as he approached lapped traffic on the ninth lap he spun out in the pit bend, bringing out the yellow light and handing the lead to Rangi. Leversedge was able to restart from the back of the field but his quest for his first Hydraulink War of the Wings feature win became close on impossible.

This put Rangi in the lead, with Taylor who had started from grid eight breathing down his neck. These cut cut a path through the lapped traffic and then with a handful of laps to go Taylor made his decisive move that ultimately gave him the win, from Rangi with Dodge third and Caleb Baughan fourth. Leversedge clearly underlined his talent by blastinghis way up to fifth.

Taylor celebrated his win with a spectacular series of victory donuts that sealed the days entertainment for the appreciative crow, but the Wellingtonian was relieved that he had managed to put in one good race for the crowd.

"I pretty much sucked at everything leading up to that feature. I was thirteenth fastest in the time trials and average in the heats. I struggled a little with the track, but you have to take your hat off to that track crew. They worked so hard in the blazing sun to give us a great surface to race on in that feature and I'm really happy to be able to take out the win."

Local driver Brandon Parkinson was happy with his days racing in finishing eleventh in the feature race. It was Parkinsons second race meeting of the season in his Sprintcar and he was up against a field full of battle hardened racers.

"Some of these guys have run close on a dozen times since November so I was a bit rusty. The pace of the Hydraulink War of the Wings racing is the next level from what I am used to, but I'm pretty happy."

Parkinson was also full of praise for the large crowd that attended the meeting.

"Over the course of a season of speedway here in Greymouth we probably have the biggest sports crowds on the Coast. There were plenty of Coasters in the crowd as well as several hundred spectators and competitors with their crews who made the trip over from Christchurch, Nelson and other parts of the South island. I'm really proud of the clubs efforts, and events like this are a huge undertaking, and everyone really enjoyed the days entertainment."

Parkinson said that War of the Wings officials were committed to making the Greymouth event, an annual affair.

Time Trials - Connor Rangi, 14.0666,1: Jayden Dodge,14.1281,2: Oscar Harcourt, 14.1456,3: Jamie Duff, 14.1586,4: Jacob McIntyre, 14.2421 ,5: (Top Five)

Heat 1- Matthew Leversedge,1:Connor Rangi,2: Mathew Anderson,3: Sam O’Callaghan,4: Jamie Duff,5: Oscar Harcourt,6: Stephen Taylor,7: Steve Duff,8: Brandon Parkinson,9: Nigel Colvin,10: Gene Spooner,11:

Heat 2 Hydraulink War of the Wings. Jamie Duff,1: Caleb Baughan,2: Jayden Dodge,3: Stephen Taylor,4: Sam O’Callaghan,5: Connor Rangi,6: Ray Baughan,7; Matthew Leversedge,8: Jacob McIntyre,9: Alicia Hill,10:

Heat 3 Jacob McIntyre,1: Nigel Colvin,2: Jayden Dodge,3: Ray Baughan,4: Alicia Hill,5: Steve Duff,6: Caleb Baughan,7: Brandon Parkinson,8: Oscar Harcourt,9: Mathew Anderson,10: Gene Spooner,11:

Dash - Jacob McIntyre,1: Matthew Leversedge,2: Jamie Duff,3: Connor Rangi,4: Jayden Dodge,5:Caleb Baughan,6:

Feature- Taylor,1: Connor Rangi,2: Jayden Dodge,3:Caleb Baughan,4: Matthew Leversedge,5: Alicia Hill,6: Steve Duff,7: Oscar Harcourt,8: Mathew Andrew,9: Ray Baughan20: Brandon Parkinson,11: Jacob McIntyre, 12: Nigel Colvin,13: Gene Spooner,14: Sam O’Callaghan.15: Jamie Duff ,16.

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The Racecourse Hotel & Motorlodge Ruapuna Speedway roared back into action after the Christmas/ New Year break with a action packed meeting which saw Round 2 of the Hydraulink Sprintcar War of the Wings Series being contested. The WoW racing was top notch with Connor Rangi leading the way, and action aplenty.

Rangi started the meeting well when coming out of top of the time trials to claim the Quick Time title with a time of 13.1794 seconds, just ahead of Sam O’Callaghan (13.3781) and Matt Leversedge (13.5343), with five other also in the 13 second bracket.

The opening heat saw Jayden Dodge lead from start to finish, to head home Leversedge with Rangi on third place from Jamie Duff and Jacob McIntyre, with Leversedge setting the fastest lap of the meeting when stopping the clock at 13.1470 on lap three. A strong finish by Jamie Duff took out the second heat, passing the early pace setter, Caleb Baughan with two laps to race, with Rangi storming home to claim third place ahead of Matt Anderson and O’Callaghan.

Heat three was a start to finish win by Stephen Taylor, who took of the opening round of the WoW Series in Nelson before Christmas, with Nigel Colvin in second place from Steve Duff and O’Callaghan, with Taylor increasing his lead with each lap with the winning margin over half a lap. Leversedge claimed the Dash, used to set the pole position for the top six drivers, ahead of Rangi, Taylor, O’Callaghan, Matt Honeywell and Jamie Duff.

The 30 lap Feature was only two laps old then McIntyre was tagged and spun out and on the restart Honeywell was forced to retire with a flat tyre. Rangi leadout from Leversedge with O’Callaghan leading the chasing pack of Taylor, the Duff brothers, Jamie and Steve. With a third of the race completed, Leversedge pouched on a mistake from Rangi to take the lead. Three laps later a three-car tangle involving Caleb Baughan, O’Callaghan and Jamie Duff saw the latter two drivers forced to retire due to car damage.

On the restart Leversedge opened up a handy lead as Rangi and Taylor were locked into a great dice for second and third place. As the 30 laps counted down Leversedge was at one stage over 1.5 seconds clear but then lapped traffic came into play with Rangi closing right up on Leversedge and then made the most of a lapped car to make a pass and take the lead with the leading two cars locked together until the final with Rangi claim the win and Taylor coming home in third place from Steve Duff, McIntyre, Caleb Baughan, Dodge, Ray Baughan Oscar Harcourt and Colvin to complete the top ten. The series heads to Greymouth’s Greenstone Speedway next Saturday (January 15) for the Wild West Shootout.


Time trials - top 10. Connor Rangi 13.1794 seconds 1, Sam O'Callagan 13.3781 2, Matt Leversedge 13.5343 3, Matt Honeywell 13.5589 4, Jamie Duff 13.5836 5, Steve Duff 13.7636 6, Jacob McIntyre 13.8956 7, Matt Anderson 13.9466 8, Jayden Dodge 14.0727 9, Stephen Taylor 14.1264 10.

Ht 1. Dodge 1, Leversedge 2, Rangi 3, J Duff 4, McIntyre 5, Honeywell 6.

Ht 2. J Duff 1, Caleb Baughan 2, Rangi 3, Matt Anderson 4, Sam O'Callaghan 5, Oscar Harcourt 6.

Ht 3. Taylor 1, Nigel Colvin 2, Steve Duff 3, Honeywell 4, O'Callaghan 5, Leversedge 6.

Dash. Leversedge 1, Rangi 2, Taylor 3, O'Callaghan 4, Honeywell 5, J Duff 6.

Feature. Rangi 1, Leversedge 2, Taylor 3, S Duff 4, McIntyre 5, Caleb Baughan 6, Jayden Dodge 7, Ray Baughan 8, Oscar Harcourt 9, Colvin 10.

Round 1 2021-22 - Nelson




By Pete McNae


It's great when a plan comes together.


For the Nelson Speedway Association, that meant pushing on with a meeting when the weather forecasters suggested indoor pastimes were preferable tonight. For the stockcar and superstock classes at the Milestone Homes Top of the South Speedway, it was making the most of lower numbers and justifying their place in the programme. And, for Wellington sprintcar driver Stephen Taylor, it was opening the Hydraulink War of the Wings with a handy points haul, a second feature win on the trot and handing the race car back to owner Landon Dawson in mint condition, if a little dusty and with both car and driver temperatures near the upper end of the gauge.


Taylor's assault on the South Island series, with this round presented by Mike Rollo of Harcourts Real Estate, is no seat-of-the-overalls thing. Dawson has put a lot of effort into preparing a topline race car with Taylor supplying a strong motor and the talent to squeeze the best out of the combination. They tuned up with a feature win at Ruapuna last week but this time it carried more meaning, round one of a six-meeting series that has been won by the best sprintcar pilots the South Island has mustered over 23 seasons.




Fifteen cars fronted, from as far down the island as Invercargill and Te Anau, with a few new names breaking the seal at the tight Nelson track for the first time. Early time trials in the full warmth of the day (sorry forecasters, but you'd have more success looking out the window) saw familiar faces setting the pace; Jamie Duff, Connor Rangi, Caleb Baughan, Daniel Anderson and Sam O'Callaghan with Taylor sixth. As is the usual format for the WoW series, the field was split into three groups with 1 meeting 2, 1 racing 3 and 2 taking on 3 across three heats. Winners were Steve Duff Jnr, Taylor and Oscar Harcourt, another second generation sprintcar driver, who made the most of a good grid draw to scoot away for a flag.


The top six drivers squared off in a six-lap dash to set the grid for the 30-lap feature, Taylor sewing up a front-row start alongside Caleb Baughan with his dad, Ray Baughan, and Rangi qualifying on row two with Jamie Duff and Daniel Anderson snaring the next spots.




In the 30-lapper – still a long way even on the shorter Nelson circuit – the field needed Taylor to put a wheel wrong. Not happening, not this week. After Baughan had jumped him in the dash, Taylor wasn't being shaded again and led from lap 1 to lap 30. There was remarkably little chaos, Rangi ended up backed into the wall on turn 2 with the nose of his car facing the rapid traffic. He chose to bail and head infield, the race officials chose to exclude him from the results. Jamie Duff was out soon after and Taylor's only misstep came near the end when he got the car sideways on the back straight trying to pass Harcourt, which actually scrubbed off just enough speed to give him time to react when Harcourt spun out 30m later in turn 3.


Crisis averted, he banked the feature win while there was no quit in the Baughan family, Caleb getting past his dad who wheel stood the 95C car off a restart allowing Caleb in the 59C to dive by and secure second. Behind third placed Ray Baughan were Steve Duff Jnr and O'Callaghan as the only other drivers on the lead lap.


The only other talking point came around the lap ... after lap ... after lap completed under yellow as there was a trackside debate over whether lapped drivers should be sent to the rear of the restart grid or be slotted in where they were running in the traffic. Option A was the final call but not without some angst. Done now, nothing to see here.


Its been a long time between drinks for Matt Honeywell, in fact four seasons to the day since popular Mid Canterbury farmer Matt Honeywell wheeled his car into victory lane at a Hydraulink War of the Wings race, but he did it in absolute style during round 1 of the abbreviated 2020-21 campaign which kicked off at Cromwell's Central Motor Speedway. There were 17 cars signed in for the event, with a couple of 'no shows' slightly denting the numbers but the show that the Hydraulink War of the Wings crew put on further showed that the series is, as one 'non entrant' put it "still the pinnacle of Sprintcar racing in the South Island. The Cromwell track team had their hands full with a huge line up of support races to cater for, so it was no great surprise that the track was not exactly in tip top condition for the BF Goodrich / Jacks Tyres Time Trials. Shaun Ashton put together another Quick Time in his Complete Automotive car, and he again looked strong, but it was a night of mixed fortunes for him. The first heat was taken out by Allan Chapman who made a sizzling return to the track after being on the side lines for a couple of months. Paddy North was second with Connor Rangi rounding out the top three.

The second heat proved to be a highly debated affair. There was little doubt that Matt Honeywell too out the win, and he did so by a handsome margin. Sam O'Callaghan was second across the line with WoW returnee Andy Erskine third. Jamie Duff retired with less than a handful of laps to go with a flat tyre, and WoW debutant Jack Brown rolled his car heavily, which was hardly a reward from the strong showing that he was putting up but the major discussion point was a restart with four laps to go when Sam O'Callaghan muscled his way through the front cars to grab second. Shaun Ashton was none too happy about it and protested. This brought about a protracted discussion and hearing, with local SNZ officials struggling to handle the affair quickly. The decision that the placings would stand riled Ashton, who decided to 'load up' and miss the feature- even though he would have been the nights top qualifier!

The third and final heat was a torrid affair. Again the winner was in no doubt at all with Alicia Hill running away with the win, from Caleb Baughan, with WoW returnee Matt Anderson grabbing third. Jamie Duff had looked like he was going to run away with the race, then with four to go he uncharacteristically spun. Fans were given a real treat as 'The Duffman' blasted through the traffic to finish fourth. Gene Spooner, who was making his first appearance for the season rolled his #21 putting him out for the night.

With Ashton on the sideline, this made Matt Honeywell the top qualifier and he made no race of it, working his magic as he sliced and diced through the traffic. Just as it looked like the race could go the full 25 laps , and with Jamie Duff up into third place after starting from grid 12, a couple of late yellows, for a Duff/ Whetu Taewa tangle and then a Caleb Baughan punctured slowed things up. Baughan had been running in second place and was looking strong, however Sam O'Callaghans car lost a brake component onto the track that landed on the track before being hit by Baughan, and shot into Steve Duffs wing. Baughan's car limped to a stop and his challenge was over. The hard charging Connor Rangi, who had started off grid 8 mounted a late challenge, but fell short with Honeywell winning from Rangi while paddy North continued his mighty form to finish third. The Hydraulink war of the Wings next appears at Greymouths Greenstone Park Speedway for the 2nd annual Wild West Shootout on January 16

Race Results Sprintcars Hydraulink 2019 / 2020 War of the Wings – Round 6  Ruapuna Time Trials - Top 5. Shaun Ashton 13.4870 seconds 1, Connor Rangi 13.5653 2, Steve Duff 13.8264 3, Sam O'Callaghan 13.8592 4, Matt Honeywell 13.8755 5. Ht 1. Ashton 1, Alicia Hill 2, Matt Leversedge 3. Ht 2. Paddy North 1, Rangi 2, Caleb Baughan 3. Ht 3. O'Callaghan 1, James Robinson 2, Hill 3. Feature. Hill 1, North 2, Steve Duff 3, Rangi 4, C Baughan 5.

Round Points: Alicia Hill 101, Paddy North 97, Steve Duff 93, Conner Rangi 86, Martin Harcourt 83, Caleb Baughan 82, James Robinson 71, Todd Richards 70, John Sievwright 67, Oscar Harcourt 50, Sam O’Callaghan 50, Ray Baughan 40, Brent Sullivan 35, Shaun Ashton 30, Matt Leversedge 25

Final points: C Baughan 357, Hill 346, North 276, Ashton258, O’Callaghan 249, Honeywell 216, M Harcourt 215, R Baughan 198, J Duff 196, Rangi 181, Sievwright 175, S Duff 160, Allan Chapman 127, Gene Spooner 102, Jacob Brownlees 92, Daniel Anderson 90, Ben Gilmore 87, Brett Sullivan 85, Nathan Roberts 79, Jason Scott 74, Richards 70, Brandon Parkinson 68, Oscar Harcourt 50, Nigel Colvin 25, Leversedge 25, Andy Erskine 20.

2019-20 Round 5  Top of the South Speedway, Nelson  28/11/20

BF Goodrich / Jacks Tyres Time Trials

Connor Rangi,11.8315,1: Jamie Duff,11.8919,2: Sam O'Callaghan,11.9325,3: Paddy North,12.0153,4: Matt Honeywell, 12.0381,5: Alicia Hill, 12.0513,6: Jason Scott,12.0621,7: Brett Sullivan,12.0737,8: Steve Duff,12.1333,9: Ray Baughan,12.2863,10: Caleb Baughan,12.4085,11: Shaun Ashton,12.5029,12: Jacob Brownlees,12.9713,13: John Sievwright,13.1199,14 

Heat 1: Connor Rangi,1: Sam O'Callaghan,2:Paddy North,3: Alicia Hill,4: Matt Honeywell,5: Jason Scott,6: Brett Sullivan,7: Steve Duff Jnr,8: Ray Baughan,9: Shaun Ashton,10: Caleb Baughan,11: John Sievwright,12: Jamie Duff (dnf),13: Jacob Brownlees,14: (dnf)

Heat 2: Ray Baughan,1: Caleb Baughan,2: Shaun Ashton,3: Alicia Hill,4: Sam O'Callaghan,5: Connor Rangi,6: Jason Scott,7: Brett Sullivan,8: Paddy North,9: Matt Honeywell,10: Steve Duff,11: John Sievwright,12:

Heat 3 Steve Duff,1: Brett Sullivan,2: Paddy North,3: Matt Honeywell,4: Shaun Ashton,5: Connor Rangi,6: Caleb Baughan,7: Ray Baughan,8: Alicia Hill,9: Jason Scott,10:Sam O'Callaghan,10: John Sievwright,12:

NOTE: Sam O'Callaghan relegated two spots for poleline infringement. finished 9th: now credited with 11th

Feature- Nelson 1-2-3

Sam o'Callaghan,1: Alicia Hill,2: Connor Rangi,3: Caleb Baughan,4: Paddy North,5: Shaun Ashton,6: Jason Scott,7: Steve Duff,8: John Sievwright,9: DNF- Matt Honeywell, Brett Sullivan, Ray Baughan DNS Jamie Duff, Jacob Brownlees



Eastern States, Blenheim 27/11/2020

time Trials Steve Duff,14.0364,1: Matt Honeywell,14.0597,2: Brett Sullivan,14.2066,3: Ray Baughan,14.3176,4: Paddy North,14.4440,5: Connor Rangi, 14.4850,6: Caleb Baughan,14.5405,7: Jamie Duff,,14.6453,8: Alicia Hill,14.7120,9: Jacob Brownlees,14.7558,10:John Sievwright,15.3437,11: Sam O'Callaghan, NT,12:


Heat 1- Steve Duff,1: Matt Honeywell,2: Connor Rangi,3: Jamie Duff,4: Brett Sullivan,5: Paddy North,6: Alicia Hill,7: Sam O'Callaghan,8: Caleb Baughan,9: Jacob Brownlees,10: John Sievwright,11: Ray Baughan DNF,12 


Jamie Duff,915,1: Connor Rangi,884,2: Sam O'Callaghan,818,3: Matt honeywell,734,4: Daniel Anderson,679,5: Nathan Astle,573,6: Alicia McLauchlan, 504,7: Caleb Baughan,492,8: Paddy North,436,9: Jason Scott,421,10: Ray baughan,395,11: Jayden Dodge,377,12: Luke Keegan,372,13: Nigel Colvin,369,14:Steve Duff,354,15:Martin Harcourt,287,16: Mathew Anderson,275,17:Shaun Ashton,285,18: Ross McKinnel,204.19:Mark Evans,123,20: Greg Teece,98,21: Andy Erskine,63,22: Jason Manson,60,23:Nathan Roberts,58,24: Daniel McKinnel,57,25: Luke Wederall,55,26: Jason Smith,40,27:Whetu Taewa,37,28: Mathew Leversedge,30,29: Buddy Kofoid,11,30:Kyle Shearing,10,31:


  What a great end of Season prize giving evening. Well organized- thanks Tania Ashton! Awards went to: Most improved-Nigel Colvin. Best Presented Car- Jayden Dodge. Hard Luck Award- Luke Keegan. Lead Foot- Connor Rangi. Hard Yards- Paddy North. Wing Man- Matt Anderson. Scanner Hand- Andrew Rangi. Entertainer- Connor Rangi. Quick Time- Jamie Duff. Sprint car Ambassador-Allan Batt. Dirty Dozen- Ray Baughan, Jayden Dodge, Caleb Baughan, Jamie Duff, Paddy North, Nathan Astle, Connor Rangi, Alicia McLauchlan, Matt Honeywell, Daniel Anderson, Sam O’ Callaghan, Jason Scott 

Hydraulink War of the Wings -Grand Final Cromwell April 19,2019


Heat 1 Matt Honeywell,1: Ray Baughan,2; Matt Anderson,3: Paddy North,4: Mark Evans,5: Connor Rangi,6: Jayden Dodge,7: Daniel McKinnel 8: Caleb Baughan,9: Ross McKinnel,10:Whetu Taewa 11:

Heat 2. Caleb Baughan,1: Connor Rangi,2: Daniel Anderson,3: Sam O’Callaghan,4: Jamie Duff,5: Nigel Colvin,6: Matt Honeywell,7: Mark Evans,8: dnf Josh Buchanan, Nathan Astle:

Heat 3. Sam O’Callaghan,1: Nigel Colvin,2: Jamie Duff,3:Jayden Dodge,4:Nathan Astle,5: Jason Scott,6: Ray Baughan7: Paddy North,8: Daniel Anderson,9: Whetu Taewa,10: Ross McKinnel,11: dnf Daniel McKinnel


Feature. Sam O’Callaghan,1: Matt Honeywell,2: Connor Rangi,3: Jamie Duff,4: Nigel Colvin,5: Daniel Anderson,6: Caleb Baughan7: Ray. Baughan,8: Nathan Astle,9: Mathew Anderson,10: Jason Scott,11: Paddy North,12: Mark Evans,13: Whetu Taewa 14: Ross McKinnel,15: dnf Jayden Dodge,Josh Buchanan, Daniel McKinnell.


Round 8- Nelson 6 April 2019

Time Trials-Top 5  Connor Rangi 11.5664 (NTR),1: Sam O’Callaghan 11.5758,2: Jamie Duff,11.6300,3: Matt Honeywell, 11.9378,4: Daniel Anderson,11.7142,5:


Heat 1 results Round 8 Nelson Sam O'Callaghan,1: Connor Rangi,2: Matt Honeywell,3: Jamie Duff,4: Steve Duff,5: Greg Teece,6: Daniel Anderson,7: Nathan astle,8: Jason Scott,9: Alicia McLauchlan, 10: Mark Evans,11: Paddy North,12: Nigel Colvin,13:


Heat 2- Round 8-Nelson: Jason Scott,1: Greg Teece,2: Connor Rangi,3: Alicia McLauchlan,4: Nathan Astle,5: Mark Evans,6: Paddy North,7: Sam O'Callaghan,8: Matt Honeywell,9: Nigel Colvin,10: Daniel anderson,11: Steve Duff, 12: Jamie Duff -DNF


Heat 3- Round 8 Steve Duff,1: Connor Rangi,2: Nigel Colvin,3: Sam O'Callaghan,4: Paddy North,5: Jamie Duff,6: Alicia McLauchlan,7: Greg Teece,8: Mark Evans,9: Jason Scott,10: Nathan Astle,11: Daniel Anderson,12: Matt Honeywell-DNF note: Rangi started from grid 12, and was just .1273 behind Duff at the chequered flag


Hydraulink War of the Wings Round 8 FEATURE WIN TO CONNOR RANGI Sam O'Callaghan,2: Greg Teece,3: Steve Duff,4: Jamie Duff,5: Jason Scott,6: Alicia McLauchlan,7: Paddy North,8: Matt Honeywell,9: Nigel Colvin,10: Daniel Anderson,11: Mark Evans,12: Nathan Astle , 13

Round 7- Beachlands, Dunedin

Time Trials- Top 5 Jamie Duff 13.5435,1: Matt Honeywell,13.8527,2: Connor Rangi,14.0217,3: Daniel Anderson,14.1111,4: Sam O'Callaghan,14.1933,5:

Heat 1-Matt Honeywell,1: Nathan Astle,2: Jamie Duff,3: Caleb Baughan,4: Sam O'Callaghan,5: Nigel Colvin,6: Paddy North,7: Alicia Mclauchlan,8: Ross McKinnel,9: Martin Harcourt,10: Daniel Anderson,11: Connor Rangi,12: Jason Scott,13:


Heat 2 Connor Rangi,1: Caleb Baughan,2: Daniel Anderson,3: Paddy North,4: Alicia McLauchlan,5: Matt Honeywell,6: Jamie Duff,7: Sam O'Callaghan,8: Nathan Astle,9: Nigel Colvin,10: Martin Harcourt,11: Ross McKinnel,12: Jason Scott,13:


Heat 3  Jamie Duff,1: Martin Harcourt,2: Sam O'Callaghan,3: Matt Honeywell,4: Alicia McLauchlan,5: Nathan Astle,6: Nigel Colvin,7: Connor Rangi,8: Daniel Anderson,9: Paddy North,10: Caleb Baughan,11: Jason Scott,12: Ross McKinnel,13:


Feature- Jamie Duff,1: Matt Honeywell,2: Connor Rangi,3: Nathan Astle,4: Alicia Mclauchlan,5: Ross McKinnel,6: Paddy North,7: Sam O'Callaghan,8: Daniel Anderson.9: Martin Harcourt,10: Nigel Colvin,11: Caleb baughan,12:   


Round 6 Riverside Speedway, Invercargill

Time Trials- Top 5 Sam O'Callaghan, 13.3378 (NTR),1: Jamie Duff,13.5202,2: Connor Rangi,13.6153,3: Matt Honeywell,13.6709.4: Daniel Anderson,13.7309,5:

Heat 1   Jamie Duff,1: Connor Rangi,2:Sam O'Callaghan,3: Daniel Anderson,4: Matt Honeywell,5: Jason Scott,6: Kyle Shearing,7: Paddy North,8: Alicia Mclauchlan,9: Daniel McKinnel,10: Nigel Colvin,11: Ross McKinnel,12:

Heat 2  Paddy North,1: Alicia Mclauchlan,2: Sam O'Callaghan,3: Jamie Duff,4: Matt Honeywell,5: Jason Scott,6: Nigel Colvin,7: Daniel Anderson,8: Nathan Astle,9: Ross McKinnel,10: Daniel McKinnel,11: Connor Rangi,12:

Heat 3 Nigel Colvin,1: Matt Honeywell,2: Daniel Anderson,3: Alicia McLauchlan,4: Connor Rangi,5: Jamie Duff,6: Paddy North,7: Nathan Astle,8: Sam O'Callaghan,9: Jason Scott,10: Ross McKinnel,11:


Feature- Jamie Duff,1: matt Honeywell,2: Sam O'Callaghan,3: Connor Rangi,4: Daniel Anderson,5: Alicia McLauchlan,6: Paddy North,7: Jason Scott,8: Nathan Astle,9: Nigel Colvin,10: Ross McKinnel,11: 


Time Trials:Jamie Duff,13.0612: Jayden Dodge,13.3281: Matt Anderson,13.3482: Matt Honeywell,13.4516: Connor Rangi, 13.4858: Shaun Ashton,13.5617: Sam O'Callaghan,13.5715: Steve Duff,13.6398: Alicia McLauchlan,13.7340: Daniel Anderson,13.7422: Ray Baughan, 14.1456: Caleb Baughan, 14.1681: Martin Harcourt,14.3590: Paddy North, 14.3612: Matt Leversedge, 14.4126: Mark Evans, 14.8706: Nathan Astle N/T: Luke Wederall,N/T

Heat 1 Jamie Duff,1: Sam O'Callaghan,2: Mathew Anderson,3: Matt Honeywell,4: Alicia McLauchlan,5: Daniel Anderson,6: Martin Harcourt,7: Luke Wederall, DNF: Matt Leversedge,DNF: Mark Evans,DNF: Shaun Ashton,DNF: Caleb Baughan,DNF:

Heat 2 Jamie Duff,1: Caleb Baughan,2: Jayden Dodge,3: Connor Rangi,4: Sam o'Ca;llaghan,5: Martin Harcourt,6: Paddy North,7: Ray Baughan,8: Steve Duff DNF: Nathan astle DNF: Shaun Ashton DNF:

Heat 3 Connor Rangi,1: Matt Honeywell,2: Daniel Anderson,3: Nathan Astle,4: Steve Duff,: Jayden Dodge,6: Mathew Anderson,7: Alicia McLauchlan,8: Mathew Leversedge,9: Paddy North, DNF

Feature- Connor Rangi,1: Sam O'Callaghan,2: Matt Honeywell,3: Caleb Baughan,4: Daniel Anderson,5: Steve Duff,6: Alicia McLauchlan,7: Ray Baughan,8: Paddy North,9: Nathan Astle,10: Luke Wederall,11: Jamie Duff DNF: Martin harcourt DNF: Mathew Anderson DNF Matt Leversedge DNF: Jayden Dodge DNF




Defending Hydraulink War  of the Wings Sprintcar Champion Jamie Duff may have notched up his 19th series career win in the Duff Motorsport XXX but he had to survive a strong challenge over the closing laps from Sam O’Callaghan who again impressed in the Freeman Motorsport XXX entry.

Although Duff crossed the line several car lengths ahead of the rampaging O’Callaghan, he may have been handed a lifeline by Cromwell Speedway officials, who with a handful of laps to go in what was to have been a 25 lap feature first threw a yellow light when a car ‘half spun’, then just as quickly displayed a green. O’Callaghan was one of several drivers to slow, and was in fact passed by Luke Keegan who made a late race charge in the BRT XXX but perhaps justice was served when O’Callaghan got by Keegan a lap later.

Just as the race was headed for a dramatic ending the yellow came on when a lapped car spun, and the race, with two laps to go, was declared with the track curfew having been met.

There was plenty of disappointed punters when 17 year old American Buddy Kofoid pulled with the infield with engine issues in the Ranch Bar and Grill XXX as the feature line up was forming and he was unable to restart.

Kofoid, like many visitors to the egg shaped Cromwell track struggled in his time trial and first heat, but he showed that he is a quick learner with a blistering turn of speed and style to win his second heat race that forced Jamie Duff to play just a supporting role as the young American disappeared into the distance. Other heat winners were Jayden Dodge, Duff and Martin Harcourt.

The ‘yellow-green’ and shortening of the feature were not the only talking points among drivers and fans with tempers being put to the test, not only by the stifling Central Otago heat, but also a ‘track imposed’ change to the Time Trial ‘ format’ with the usual ‘one car on the track at a time’ being replaced by two six lap ‘hot lap’ sessions with twelve cars in each racing not only the clock, but also a somewhat congested track for what is such an important part of the programme.

The biggest casualty was one of the favoured contenders Matt Honeywell being crashed out of the show when another car took him out into the fence. A somewhat disgusted Honeywell was forced to load up with his mortally damaged car being his only return for the night, and five hour tow to Cromwell.

The Hydraulink War of the Wings takes a two month break now, returning to Ruapuna, Christchurch on March 9.

Time Trials  24 entries  Top 5 Connor Rangi 13.9009. Jason Scott 13.9473. Steve Duff 14.0175. Luke Keegan. 14.0291. Jamie Duff 14.0415.

Heat 1. Jayden Dodge,1: Ray Baughan,2: Sam O’Callaghan,3: Steve Duff,4: Caleb Baughan,5: Buddy Kofoid,6: Jason Manson,7: Connor Rangi,8: Martin Harcourt,9: Kyle Shearing,10: Ross Mckinnel,11: Whetu Taewa,12

Heat 2 Jamie Duff,1: Luke Keegan,2: Jason Scott,3: Nigel Colvin,4: Jason Smith,5: Andy Erskine,6: Nathan Astle,7: Shaun Ashton,8: Brent Gaudion,9: Daniel Anderson, Paddy North, Daniel McKinnell. Dnf

Heat 3. Buddy Kofoid,1: Jamie Duff,2: Sam O’Callaghan,3: Connor Rangi,4: Luke Keegan,5: Daniel McKinnel,6: Shaun Ashton,7: Ray Baughan,8: Nigel Colvin,9: Jason Smith,10: Whetu Taewa,11:

Heat 4. Martin Harcourt,1: Jason Manson,2: Andy Erskine,3: Nathan Astle,4: Jason Scott,5: Jayden Dodge,6: Steve Duff,7: Kyle Shearing,8: Daniel Anderson,9: CalebBaughan,10: Brent Gaudion,11:

 B Main Result. Connor Rangi,1: Nigel Colvin,2: Shaun Ashton,3: Daniel Anderson,4: Jason Smith,5: Caleb Baughan,6: Daniel McKinnel,7: Ross McKinnel,8: Whetu Taewa,9: Kyle Shearing dnf

Feature. Jamie Duff,1: Sam O’Callaghan,3: Luke Keegan,3: Jayden Dodge,4: Connor Rangi,5: Ray Baughan,6: Nathan Astle, 7: Caleb Baughan,8: Shaun Ashton,9: Andy Erskine,10: Jason Manson,11: Daniel Mckinnel,12: Martin Harcourt,13: Dnf s Ross Mckinnel, Steve Duff, Daniel Anderson, Nigel Colvin, Jason Scott, Jason Smith, Buddy Kofoid.



Jayden Dodge claimed his first Hydraulink War of the Wings feature win in fine style after taking a last gasp win, passing Jamie Duff on the last lap.

Dodge had worked the lapped traffic perfectly. Caleb Baughan drove a great race to get his first WoW podium finish.  Connor Rangi put on a great show running the highline, and had the crowd on its feet at times with his daring style. Rangi's  'show' deserved a greater reward than his fourth place.



Time Trials - Top 10: Jamie Duff 13:3667 seconds 1, Matt Honeywell 13:5444 2 , Steve Duff 13:6393 3, Conner Rangi (Nelson) 1368.92 4, Jayden Dodge 13:7614 5, Sam O'Callaghan (Invercargill) 13:7825 6, Luke Keegan 13:8382 7, Martin Harcourt 13:8640 8, Ray Baughan 13:8890 9, Nigel Colvin (Invercargill) 13.9861 10.
Ht 1. Jamie Duff 1, Ray Baughan 2,Luke Keegan 3, Steve Duff 4, Daniel Anderson (Te Anau) 5, Sam O'Callaghan 6.
Ht 2. Matt Anderson (Dunedin) 1, Caleb Baughan 2, Sam O'Callaghan 3, Nathan Astle 4, Jamie Duff 5, Daniel Anderson 6.
Ht 3 Jayden Dodge 1, Jason Smith (Nelson) 2, Connor Rangi 3, Shaun Ashton 4, Matt Honeywell 5, Caleb Baughan 6.
Feature. Jayden Dodge 1, Jamie Duff 2, Caleb Baughan 3, Connor Rangi 4, Shaun Ashton 5, Matt Honeywell 6, Daniel Anderson 7, Matt Anderson 8, Alicia McLaughlan (Nelson) 9, Ray Baughan 10, Luke Keegan 11, Nathan Astle 12, Steve Duff 13, Paddy North 14, Jason Smith 15, Nigel Colvin 16, Martin Harcourt 17, Sam O'Callaghan 18


Top of the South Speedway,
Winton resident “Slammin’  Sam O'Callaghan gave his Nelson based car owner Kevin Freeman a great early birthday present when he took out Round 2 of the Hydraulink War of the Wings at Nelson tonight in the Lakeland Glass XXX. O'Callaghan led from the green flag, and was in lapped traffic by the fifth lap. On the tenth lap the field went under yellow flag conditions after Caleb Baughan rolled. Despite heavy traffic O'Callaghan managed to stave off several challenges from his uncle Jason Scott, who finished second, with Luke Keegan third


Qualifying- Steve Duff,12.1112: Daniel Anderson, 12.2048: Jayden Dodge,12.2678:Luke Keegan,12.2768: Sam O’Callaghan,12.2797: Connor Rangi,12.3206: Jason Scott,12.3798: matt Honeywell,12.4325: Paddy North,12.4364: Mark Evans,12.5283: Nathan Astle,12.5402: Alicia McLauchlan,12.6688: Caleb Baughan, 12.8775:Martin harcourt,12.8822: Ray Baughan,12.8947: Jamie Duff,13.0392: Mathew Anderson,13.5596: Whetu taewa,13.7392: Nigel Colvin,15.0059  


Round 2 of the Hydraulink War of the Wings- Nelson
Heat 1- Carlton Hotel Jason Scott,1: Jamie Duff,2: Paddy North,3: Caleb Baughan,4: Luke Keegan,5: Connor Rangi,6: Jayden Dodge,7: Alicia McLauchlan,8: Mark Evans,9: Nigel Colvin, 10: Whetu Taewa,11: Steve Duff,12-DNF: Ray Baughan,13-DNF

Round 2 of the Hydraulink War of the Wings- Nelson Heat 2 Smith Concept Construction
Connor Rangi,1: Matt Honeywell,2: Daniel Anderson,3: Jason Scott,4: Caleb Baughan,5: Sam O'Callaghan,6: Mathew Anderson,7: Alicia McLauchlan,8: Martin Harcourt,9: Nathan Astle,10: Nigel Colvin (DNF) Whetu Taewa (DNF) Steve Duff (DNS)


Round 2 of the Hydraulink War of the Wings- Nelson Heat 3 Complete Automotive 
Sam O'Callaghan,1: Luke Keegan,2: Mathew Anderson,3: Nathan Astle,4: Jamie Duff,5: Jayden Dodge,6: Matt Honeywell,7: Daniel Anderson,8: Martin Harcourt,9: Paddy North,10: Mark Evans,11: Ray Baughan-DNF


Feature Placings- Sam O'Callaghan,1: Jason Scott,2: Luke Keegan,3: Connor Rangi,4: Matt Honeywell,5: Jamie Duff,6: Mathew Anderson,7: Daniel Anderson,8: Alicia McLauchlan,9: Jayden Dodge,10: Paddy North,11: Nathan Astle,12: Martin Harcourt,13: Mark Evans,14: Caleb Baughan - DNF, Ray Baughan-DNF, Nigel Colvin-DNF: Steve Duff DNS

Winning Start For Duff In WOW Title Defence

Ruapuna Nov 10 2018

Jamie Duff made a winning start in his bid to defend his Hydraulink War of the Wings Sprintcar Series  crown when he dominated the opening round at the Racecourse Hotel and Motorlodge Ruapuna Speedway on Saturday evening.

The South Island wide $100,000 series, sponsored by Hydraulink will be raced over nine rounds over the coming months, ending at Cromwell at Easter.

Duff, a former New Zealand champion, struggled like most drivers in the time trials to set a fast time which favoured the drivers that took to the track early in the trial with the Jayden Dodge setting the best time of 13.68 seconds with Duff’s having to settle for seventh quickest with a lap of 14:23.

Duff quickly turned things around when coming from near the back of the pack to win Heat 2, making the most of a restart when going from fourth to first in a lap to lead home Martin Harcourt and Sam O’Callaghan. Duff was untroubled take out Heat 4 leading early going on to win by a big margin with the race turning into a great battle for the minor placings with Caleb Baughan heading home his father, Ray Baughan, who had to settle for third place.
Nelson’s Conner Rangi, who finished in second place in the WOW series last season won Heat 1 from Caleb Baughan with Duff’s younger brother Steve third. Heat 3 was won by Luke Keegan with Matt Honeywell second and Dodge third. In the B Main, Matt Anderson (Cromwell) was first home ahead of former test cricketer, Nathan Astle with Queenstown’s Jason Scott third.

In the 25 lap Feature Duff took the lead on the first turn ahead of Caleb Baughan, Rangi and Keegan. Duff then opened-up a lead with Rangi press Caleb Baughan for second place before finial making a place on lap 6 with a big wheel stand then costing the the younger Baughan third place to his father the following lap and Duff was beginning to lap cars. By lap 14 Duff was over two seconds clear but this margin closed right up with five laps to run. Rangi then spun out when trying a pass on Duff, with Rangi’s car then clipped by Blenheim’s Paddy North, which lead to damage to both cars ending their race.

In the restart Honeywell and then Martin Harcourt were excluded in controversial rulings for not keeping to a single file before the restart. When the race resumed Duff went on to claim the victory from Ray Baughan with Keegan, who had one stage had dropped back to seventh place, stormed home over the closing laps to claim third place ahead of Caleb Baughan, Shaun Ashton and Astle. The series now heads to Nelson for the Round 2 on Saturday.

Race Results – Competitors from Christchurch unless stated
Sprintcars – Hydraulink War of the Wings Series Round 1
Time Trials - Top 6: Jayden Dodge 13:68 seconds, Conner Rangi (Nelson) 13:97, Daniel Anderson (Te Anau)1 4:02, Nathan Astle 14:04, Luke Keegan 14:12, Steve Duff 14.14
Ht 1. Rangi 1, Caleb Baughan 2, Steve Duff 3, Nigel Covin (Cromwell) 4, Alicia McLauchlan (Nelson) 5, Mark Evans ((Cromwell) 6. (Note: Dodge excluded for all placings due to race infringment)
Ht 2. Jamie Duff 1, Martin Harcourt 2, Sam O'Callaghan (Nelson) 3, D Anderson (Cromwell) 4, Ray Baughan 5, Keegan 6. 
Ht 3. Keegan 1, Matt Honeywell 2, Dodge 3, Matt Anderson (Cromwell) 4, Jason Scott (Cromwell) 5, Colvin 6
Ht 4. J Duff 1, C Baughan 2, R Baughan 3, Paddy North (Blenheim) 4, Shaun Ashton 5, Rangi 6. 

B Main. Matt Anderson 1, Astle 2, Scott 3, D Anderson 4, Nathan Roberts 5.
Feature. J Duff 1, R Baughan 2, Keegan 3, C Baughan 4, Ashton 5, Astle 6, D Anderson 7, O'Callaghan 8, Scott 9, McLauchlan 10.


Jamie Duff,986,1: Connor Rangi,937,2: Daniel Anderson,855,3: Luke Keegan,808,4: Matthew Anderson,631,5: Shaun Ashton,565,6: Steve Duff,538, 7: Alicia McLauchlan,495, *:Kyle hearing,475,9: Ray Baughan,471,10: Jason Scott, 452,11: Jason Smith,426,12:: Matt Honeywell,425,13: Paddy North 412,14: Jayden Dodge, 394,15: Jason Manson,393,16: Martin Harcourt,364,17: Sam O'Callaghan,322,18: Andy Erskine,294,19: Allan Chapman,238,20: Caleb Baughan,226,21: Todd Richards,178,22: Kris Gerard,172,23:Daniel McKinnel,140,24: Brent Gaudion,137,25: Hayden McKay, 112,26: Caleb Brooks,106,27: Mark Alexander, 91,28: Nigel Colvin,86,29: Josh Walls, 79,30: Tony Uhlenburg, 50,31: Ross Troughton, 30,32: Aaron Cleveland,5,33:


Round 10 of the Hydraulink War of the Wings at Ruapuna March 10

Heat 1 Hydraulink War of the WINGS March 10 Allan Chapman,1: Daniel Anderson,2: Jamie Duff,3: Todd Richards ,4: Paddy North,5: Connor Rangi ,6: Steve Duff,7: Hayden McKay ,8: Martin Harcourt,9: Josh Walls,10: Shaun Ashton,11: Daniel McKinnel,12:



Hydraulink War of the WINGS heat 2 Ruapuna March 10 Jason Smith,1: Luke Keegan,2: Sam OCallaghan ,3: Matt Honeywell ,4: Matt Anderson,5: Andy Erskine,6: Ray Baughan,7: Kyle Shearing,8: Alicia McLachlan,9: Caleb Baughan ,10: Jason Scott,11: Jason Manson,12;

Heat three Hydraulink War of the WINGS March 10 Ruapuna Jamie Duff,1: Matt Anderson,3: Steve Duff,3:Shaun Ashton,4: Luke Keegan,5:Connor Rangi,6: Sam OCallaghan,7: Jason Manson,8:Jason Smith,9; Alicia McLachlan,10:Todd Richards ,11: Daniel McKinnel,12:


Heat 4 Hydraulink War of the Wings Ruapuna March 10 Hayden McKay,1:Jason Scott,2: Ray Baughan,3: Matt Honeywell,4: Kyle Shearing ,5: Caleb Baughan ,6: Daniel Anderson ,7: Paddy North ,8: Andy Erskine ,9: Allan Chapman ,10: Josh Walls,11; Martin Harcourt ,12


B Main Hydraulink War of the WINGS Ruapuna March 10 Paddy North ,1: Shaun Ashton ,2: Jason Scott ,3: Todd Richards ,4: Jason Manson,5: Josh Walls ,6: Martin Harcourt ,7: Daniel McKinnel,8: Alicia McLachlan ,9: Andy Erskine,10: Kyle Shearing ,11:

Feature results Hydraulink War of the WINGS Ruapuna March 10 Jamie Duff,1: Matt Honeywell ,2: Daniel Anderson ,3: Matt Anderson ,4: Connor Rangi ,5: Hayden McKay ,6: Shaun Ashton ,7: Paddy North ,8: Martin Harcourt ,9: Todd Richards ,10: Allan Chapman ,11; Jason Smith,12: Jason Manson,13: Jason Scott ,14: Luke Keegan ,15: Ray Baughan ,16: Steve Duff,17: Josh Walls ,28: Sam OCallaghan ,19: Daniel Mckinnel,20:

Round 9 of the Hydraulink war of the wings at Beachlands, Dunedin 24 February

Time Trials Luke Keegan 13.7472 , 1: Daniel Anderson 138297 , 2: Jamie Duff 13.8552,3: Connor Rangi, 13.9141,4: Shaun Ashton 14.1419,5:


Heat 1 Steve Duff,1: Luke Keegan,2: Matthew Anderson,3: Jamie Duff,4: Martin Harcourt,5: Aaron Cleveland,6: Paddy North,7: Jason Manson,8: Jason Smith,9: dnf Kyle Shearing, Daniel McKinnel

Heat 2  Sam O’Callaghan,1: Daniel Anderson,2: Connor Rangi,3: Brent Gaudion,4: Ross Troughton,5: Jason Scott,6: Alicia McLachlan,7: Nigel Colvin,8: Shaun Ashton,9: Andy Erskine,10: Allan Chapman,11:

Heat 3  Brent Gaudion,1: Matt Anderson,2: Luke Keegan,3: SteveDuff,4: Shaun Ashton,5: Kyle Shearing,6: Alicia McLauchlan,7: Connor Rangi,8: Andy Erskine,9: Ross Troughton,10: Daniel McKinnel dnf

Heat 4. Jason Scott,1: Allan Chapman,2: Daniel Anderson,3: Paddy North,4: Martin Harcourt,5: Jason Manson,6: Nigel Colvin,7: Sam O’Callaghan,8: Jason Smith,9: Jamie Duff DNF

Hydraulink War of the Wings feature result. Steve Duff,1:Luke Keegan,2:Connor Rangi,3:Jason Scott,4:Paddy North5: Jamie Duff,6:Andy Erskine,7:Shaun Ashton,8: Allan Chapman,9: Alicia McLauchlan,10: Brent Gaudion,11:Kyle Shearing,12:Jason Manson,13: Matt Anderson,14: Nigel Colvin,15:Martin Harcourt,16: dnf in order Daniel Anderson, Jason Smith, SamO’Callaghan, Ross Troughton

Round 8 of the Hydraulink war of the Wings at Riverside, Invercargill  23 February

ttime trials - top 5 Jamie Duff 13.6810,1: Daniel Anderson 13.6836,2:  Steven Duff 13.9110,3: Brent Gaudion 14.0342,4: Jason Scott 14.0374,5:

Heat 1 Matt Anderson,1: Mark Alexander (HB),2: Aaron Clevland,3: Paddy North,4: Jason Manson,5: no other finishers  DNF Steve Duff Jnr, Jamie Duff, Jason Smith, Sam O'Callaghan, Alicia mcLauchlan, Shaun Ashton

Heat 2. Luke Keegan,1: Connor Rangi,2: Daniel Anderson,3:Ross Troughton,4:Kyle Shearing,5:Jason Scott,6:Allan Chapman,7:Nigel Colvin,8:

Heat 3 Jamie Duff,1: Shaun Ashton,2: Matt Anderson,3: Jason Scott,4: Allan Chapman,5: Kyle Shearing,6: Alicia McLauchlan,7: Luke Keegan,8: Brent Gaudion,9: Aaron Cleveland,10:

Heat 4  Andy Erskine,1: Jason Smith,2: Jason Manson,3: Daniel Anderson,4: Connor Rangi,5: Mark Alexander,6: Nigel Colvin,7: Ross Troughton,8: dnf O’Callaghan, North, S. Duff

Feature results. Riverside. Jamie Duff,1: Daniel Anderson,2: Allan Chapman,3: Connor Rangi,4: Matt Anderson,5: Luke Keegan,6: Kyle Shearing,7: Sam O’Callaghan,8: Brent Gaudion,9: Daniel Mckinnel,10: Paddy North,11: Alicia McLauchlan,12: Jason Manson,13: Mark Alexander,14: Andy Erskine,15: Ross Troughton,16: Jason Smith17: dnf. Colvin,Scott,S.Duff, Ashton, Cleveland

Results Round 7- Eastern States Speedway Blenheim

Time Trials Kyle Shearing 16.7852 Quick Time

Heat 1 Round 7- Hydraulink War of the Wings @ Eastern States Speedway Shaun Ashton,1: Jayden Dodge,2: Steve Duff,3: Jason Manson,4: Jason Scott,5: Andy Erskine,6: DNF- Steve Thompson, Jason Smith

Heat 2  Hydraulink War of the Wings @ Eastern States Speedway Daniel Anderson,1: Jamie Duff,2: Matt Anderson,3: Alicia Mclauchlan,4: Luke Keegan,5: Connor rangi,6: Ray Baughan,7: Jayden Corkell,8: Scott Valk,9:

Heat 3 Hydraulink War of the Wings at Eastern States Ray Baughan,1: Jamie Duff,2: Jason Manson,3; Matt Anderson,4: Jason Smith,5: Shaun Ashton,6: Kyle Shearing,7: Daniel Anderson,8: Stephen Thompson dnf

Heat 4 Hydraulink War of the Wings at Eastern States Blenheim Connor Rangi,1; Luke Keegan,2; Jayden Dodge,3; Jason Scott,4; Steve Duff,5: Alicia McLauchlan,6: Andy Erskine,7: Jayden Cornell, 8: Scott Valk,9:

Round 7 Hydraulink War of the Wings Feature @ Eastern States Speedway Results  Jamie Duff,1: Shaun Ashton,2: Ray Baughan,3: Connor Rangi,4: Alicia McLauchlan,5: Matt Anderson,6: Jason Scott,7:Kyle Shearing,8: Jason Smith,9: Daniel Anderson,10: Andy Erskine,11: DNF  Jason Manson, Steve Duff, Luke Keegan,

Round 6 at Nelson washed out


Results Round 5 Hydraulink war of the Wings- Cromwell December 30,2017

Time Trials- Top 10: Luke Keegan, 13.2261,1: Jamie Duff, 13.4833,2: Daniel Anderson, 13.5256,3: Connor Rangi, 13.5403,4: Jason Smith, 13.5408,5: Jason Scott, 13.6916,6: Jayden Dodge, 13.7769,7: Kris Gerard, 13.8287,8: Steve Duff, 13.8520,9:Shaun Ashton, 13.9165,10:

Heat 1- Daniel Anderson,1: Sam O'Callaghan,2: Steve Duff,3:

Heat 2- Jamie Duff,1: Shaun Ashton,2: Matt Anderson,3:

Heat 3- Jason Smith,1: Brent Gaudion,2: Kris Gerard,3: 

Heat 4- Kyle Shearing,1: Jason Scott,2: Jamie Duff,3:

Feature- Jamie Duff,1: Sam O'Callaghan,2: Jason Smith,3: Daniel Anderson,4: Kyle Shearing,5: Connor Rangi,6: Matt Anderson,7: Jayden Dodge,8: Luke Keegan,9: Martin Harcourt,10: Nigel Colvin,11: Jason Manson,12: DNF- Jason Scott, Todd Richards, Steve Duff, Andy Erskine, Daniel McKinnel, Shaun Ashton, Brent Gaudion, Kris Gerard    


Results Round 4 Hydraulink War of the Wings- Ruapuna Speedway December 9

Time Trials - Top 10. Matt Honeywell 13.4728 seconds 1, Jamie Duff 13.4992 2, Steve Duff jnr 13.6810 3, Jason Smith (Nelson) 13.6994 4, Jayden Dodge 13.7910 5, Kris Gerard (Nelson) 13.9048 6, Sam O’Callaghan (Dunedin) 13.9792 7, Luke Keegan 14.0182 8, Paddy North (Blenheim) 14.0943 9, Daniel Anderson (Te Anau) 14.15.85 10.


Ht 1. S Duff jnr 1, Andy Erskine (Cromwell) 2, Honeywell 3.

Ht 2. D Anderson 1, J Duff 2, Smith 3.

Ht 3. Conner Rangi (Nelson) 1, Keegan 2, Dodge 3.

Ht 4. S Duff jnr 1, J Duff 2, D Anderson 3.

B Main. Matt Anderson (Cromwell) 1, Ray Baughan 2, Brent Gaudion 3.

A Main Feature. Jamie Duff,1: Steve Duff Jnr,2: Daniel Anderson,3: Luke Keegan,4: Alicia McLachlan,5: Shaun Ashton,6: Connor Rangi,7: Ray Baughan,8: Jason Smith,9: Kyle Shearing,10: Jayden Dodge,11:  Andy Erskine,12: Paddy North,13: Matt Anderson,14: Brent Gaudion,15: Daniel McKinnel,16: Jason Manson,17: Todd Richards,18: Sam O'Callaghan,19: Matt Honeywell,20: 






Results Round 3 Hydraulink War of the Wings- Woodford Glen 25 November

Time Trials: Jamie Duff, 24.2867

Heat 1  Jamie Duff,1: Luke Keegan,2: Jason Scott,3:

Heat 2   Kyle Shearing,1: Daniel Anderson,2: Shaun Ashton,3:

Heat 3   Hayden McKay,1: Matthew Anderson,2: Caleb Baughan,3:

Heat 4   Sam O'Callaghan,1: Jayden Dodge,2: Luke Keegan,3:

B Main   Sam Ocallaghan, 1: Jason Smith,2: Caleb Baughan,3:

Feature  Jamie Duff,1: Luke Keegan,2: Shaun Ashton,3: Connor Rangi,4: Ray Baughan,5: Caleb Baughan,6: Jason Scott,7: Alicia McLauchlan,8: Matthew Anderson,9: Josh Walls,10:  



Results Round 2- Hydraulink war of the Wings Nelson Speedway

18 November

Time Trials: Matt Honeywell 11.6828 Quick time and a new track record

Heat 1     Jason Smith,1: Connor Rangi,2: Matt Honeywell,3:

Heat 2     Steve Duff Jnr,1: Ray Baughan,2: Jamie Duff,3:

Heat 3     Daniel Anderson,1: Kris Gerard,2: Andy Erskine,3:

Heat 4     Luke Keegan,1: Ray Baughan,2: Tony Uhlenberg,3:

B Main    Caleb Baughan,1: Greg Teece,2: Andy Erskine,3:   

Feature  Steve Duff Jnr,1: Luke Keegan, 2: Daniel Anderson,3: Kris Gerard,4: Alicia McLauchlan,5: Paddy North, 6: Connor Rangi,7: Shaun Ashton,8: Matt Honeywell,9: Matthew Anderson,10: